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10/31/08                   Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Uncle Verne we'll miss you.

Verne W. Sigurdson

SIGURDSON Verne W. Verne W. Sigurdson, 70, of Oak Harbor passed away on Saturday, September 13, 2008, at Hospice of Northwest Ohio. Born on May 27, 1938, to Guttormur and Helen (Crowston) Sigurdson, Verne worked as a pipe fitter for the NWO Plumbers and Pipefitters beginning in 1956. Verne is survived by his wife of forty nine years, Dianne (Roberts) Sigurdson; children, Dawn (Phil) Peters, Thomas (Heather), Brian (Ann), and Daniel (Michelle) Sigurdson; grandchildren, Nicholas, Ryan, Eric, Hannah, Lindsey, Garrett, Mackenzie, Colby, Kylie, Jesse, Zane and Mercedes; brothers, Geoff, James (Joan), Thomas (Linda), and Edward Sigurdson; sister, Mary Lou (David) Revenaugh; sister-in-law, Peg Sigurdson, and special friends, Don and Shirley Mulinix and Jim and Ruth Glaser. Verne was preceded in death by his parents and his uncle, Grimur. A celebration of Verne's life will be held on Sunday, October 5, 2008, at 1 p.m. in the Carroll Twp. Hall, 11080 W. Toussaint East Rd., Oak Harbor. Memorial contributions in Verne's name may be made to the American Cancer Society. We will love and miss you always Dad, thanks for the memories.... One smile for all, One Heart of Gold, One of the best this world could hold, Never Selfish, Always Kind, What a beautiful memory To leave behind www.freckchapel.com


9/3/2008 Haley Started Kindergarten Readiness on Tues.
9/3/2008 New Pictures on the picture page!! Woo Hoo.
8/13/2008 Josh and Alexis had their Baby Boy this morning. Welcome Cohen 9lbs 4oz!!!
7/31/2008 Well July went by fast.
7/4/2008 Happy 4th of July!
7/4/2008 For your viewing pleasure I have updated the photo section.
7/4/2008 We're going to a Mud Hens Game tonight and to see the fireworks.
7/4/2008 I know I've been neglecting the website. I promise I'm going to try and get better at updating it.
4/29/2008 Happy Birthday Grammie Sig!!
4/18/2008 Happy Birthday Mom!
4/9/2008 Since I haven't been to good on updating the website lately...... I'm going to try and post some new videos this weekend and post some new pictures. ~Jeremy
3/31/2008 Hard to believe our website has been up for over 6 years! Last month marked our 6 year anniversary.
3/31/2008 Wow that month flew by. Sorry I've been slow on the posts I don't have much of an excuse.
2/28/2007 As promised I post a few new pictures in the picture section.
2/8/2008 HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALEY!!!!! Haley is 4 years old today!
2/5/2008 Haley's Page has been updated!
2/5/2008 I have updated our camping page and added a Calendar program for camping.
2/5/2008 Movie of the Month has been updated. We were surprised too!
2/5/2008 Sorry for the delay... Our Website was having technical problems and I could not edit it for over a week. But we're back......
2/5/2008 Haley's Birthday is only 3 days away. Hard to believe that she'll be 4. Time flies....
1/24/2008 Happy Birthday to my Wife Jenny. She turns 29 again today.......
1/23/2008 We're trying to get the site updated. Soon I'll post some new stuff. ~ Jeremy
1/21/2008 Happy Birthday Grandma Scott and Jeff Jr.
1/7/2008 Go Buckeyes!! The Buckeyes are playing tonight for the National Championship at 8:30PM. We'll be pulling a late night to watch this game.
1/7/2008 Coming soon a new page to TheGerm.com.......
1/1/2008 Happy New Year Everyone.
12/25/2007 Merry Christmas Everyone!
12/17/2007 Sorry the updates are slow Haley has been sick and we haven't had much time to get stuff done. Hopefully if Haley is feeling better this week we'll record a new podcast.
12/13/2007 I've got a few pictures that we have taken recently that I'll put up tonight. ~Jeremy
12/13/2007 Christmas is coming up fast. We're pretty close to being ready are you.
11/29/2007 New pictures are posted in the picture section.
11/29/2007 New pictures coming soon.
11/22/2007 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
11/22/2007 Check out all the Black Friday ads here.
11/14/2007 Haley's page has been updated.
11/14/2007 TurkeyDay is coming up fast. The website will have a new look soon so keep checking in to see the progress.
10/31/2007 Happy Halloween Everyone!
10/31/2007 On of our favorite Holidays is here. Halloween! Haley is dressing as a Princess tonight. I'll have Pictures I promise.
10/15/07 Sorry for the delay sickness has struck our house in many ways in the last week. We'll be back in business soon and I'll get back up to speed. ~The Germ
10/15/2007 Not much going on at home due to Haley and Jenny not feeling well. Trying to get some fall chores in this week and weekend. I need to get my Blazer sold and figure out what to do with my Chevelle.
10/2/2007 Happy anniversary to my lovely Wife. Hard to believe it has been 8 years already. ~Jeremy
10/2/2007 Happy Birthday to my little brother Chris!! Hope you have a good one.
10/1/2007 We went to Monroe KOA this weekend for the Halloween Bash. We had a goodtime Haley dressed as Cinderella.
9/24/2007 Coming soon a new Mudpaw video for your viewing enjoyment.
9/24/2007 I finally posted a new PodCast in our blog section. It's our longest podcast yet. ~Jeremy
9/19/2007 Hey we're going to be camping 2 more times this year. Next we'll be at Monroe Koa for their Halloween Camping. Then we will be at East Harbor for the Halloween Camping there.
9/19/2007 The Ox Roast seemed to go well. Thanks to everyone that came and supported the Fire Dept. ~Jeremy
9/12/2007 The Millbury Annual Ox Roast is this Saturday.
9/11/2007 We will never forget.
8/30/2007 Our camping page has been updated.
8/30/2007 Hope everyone has a good Labor Day weekend! We're off to Barton Lake, IN.
8/22/2007 Haley's page has been updated.
8/22/2007 Added a new blog to our Blog.
8/22/2007 Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN was a great time. Just wished we could have stayed longer.
8/2/2007 Haley's page has been updated.
8/2/2007 We're off to Pokhagen this weekend camping.
8/2/2007 Well July flew by sorry for the lack of updates we get busy in the summer as most of you know. Does anyone really look at our site anyways?
7/23/2007 Sorry we've been pretty busy lately with things. Hopefully I'll be a little better over the next few weeks.
7/17/2007 Happy Birthday to my little Brother Josh!!!!
7/10/2007 Happy Birthday PaPa Sig!! Hope you have a good day.
7/9/2007 We had a great vacation up at Silver Lake in Michigan. I have a few pictures posted on the site for people to check out. If you have never been to Silver Lake you should go.
6/27/2007 Haley's page has been updated.
6/27/2007 We'll be off camping again soon at Silver Lake in Michigan. Our camping page is now updated.
6/22/2007 Fallen Charleston, S.C. Firefighters Mourned. Nine of our brother fireman were laid to rest today.
6/13/2007 N.O.V.F.A Fireman's Convention is this weekend in Rossford starting Friday. We'll be there for the festivities and camping. ~The Germ
6/8/2007 Hard to believe it has been 3 years............. Dedicated to my Dad. I miss you....
6/5/2007 Haley's page has been updated.
6/5/2007 Updates are getting a little slow due to being so busy as of late. Please look for a new Podcast coming from Haley and I soon.
6/5/2007 Our Camping page has been updated.
6/5/2007 We went camping again at East Harbor for Memorial Day Weekend. It rained some but we had fun.
5/15/2007 Sorry the picture page got wiped out when I did an update. I hope to get it running again shortly. ~Jeremy
5/9/2007 Congratulations to our Niece Monica. She graduated from Defiance College Sunday. Monica we're proud of you!! I'll post some of the pictures tonight!
5/7/2007 We are running low on space on the site so I'm going to have to take some of our old movies down, and a few misc. things that people don't view.  We may move some of our movies over to Youtube so I can save on space.
5/4/2005 I finally went through and fixed all of the links on the menus. So now all of the pages should point to the same links.
5/1/2007 Haley's page has been updated.
5/1/2007 I found the above picture in a folder I had on my PC. Not the greatest picture but it has some story to it. This is of my Dad and his friend Kent Fishing. Both of them have passed away. I think this was the last trip they fished together on. I just thought  that this is probably what they are doing in heaven, fishing.
5/1/2007 Our Nephew Mason's Birthday party is this weekend. Mason will be turning 1.
5/1/2007 Sorry for the lack of updates we had a round of the Flu run threw the family and a lot going on. We posted our second podcast but it was very hard to hear. I'm going to try and re-edit it and see if it gets better. ~The Germ
4/18/2007 Happy Birthday Mom!!! See you at the party tonight.
4/12/2007 Finally we have updated the Movie of the Month Section. Yes we actually saw a movie last weekend. ~Jeremy
4/12/2007 Our first podcast has been officially posted on Itunes. Here is the link if you have ITunes.
4/11/2007 We have our first Podcast posted here. I also posted the podcast to ITunes as well so in a few days you will be able to subscribe to the podcast on ITunes. Oh I almost forgot coming soon a new movie to the "movie of the month" we actually saw a movie this month. ~The Germ
4/6/2007 Coming soon to TheGerm.com we will have our first Podcast. Our Podcast will be available to the public.
4/6/2007 Well the message board is once again full of Spam.... So I'm taking it down. I hate to do it but we're trying to run a friendly site here and someone has to post garbage on our site.
3/23/2007 Due to people spamming and posting garbage on our message board I have switched the message board to a more secure one. Unfortunately all of the messages have been erased that were of any value. If the board is spammed again I will pull down the message board permanently. ~Jeremy
3/22/2007 I posted a few new pictures from our Disney trip in the new Picture page.
3/19/2007 We are back from our vacation from Florida. We have a lot of pictures I'll try and post them tonight.
2/23/2007 Finally a new MudPaw movie coming this weekend. Speaking of Mudpaw we have a new member in the family, Izzie, a yellow lab that we rescued from the Humane Society last weekend. I promise I will have new pictures and movies up this weekend. I've been a little swamped as of late and have not had time to work on the site. ~Jeremy
2/23/2007 Sorry for the lack of updates lately we've been a little busy.
2/9/2007 Happy Birthday to our God Daughter Emily.
2/8/2007 Haley's page has been updated.
2/8/2007 Happy Birthday to our Daughter Haley. Haley turned 3 today!!!
1/29/2007 Haley's Birthday is coming up in 10 days.
1/24/2007 Happy Birthday to my lovely bride Jenny. She turned 27 again today.
1/21/2007 Happy Birthday Jeff Jr. and Grandma.
1/19/2007 Josh's Band Attacked by Wolves had a article in the Toledo Free Press. Read it here.
1/19/2007 I'll be having a poker party tomorrow at my house. If you are interested in helping me haul some drywall upstairs that will get you in to play. We'll have food and some beverages. I tried to call and let everyone know but I might have missed a few people. ~Jeremy
1/10/2007 I'm still in shock over the Buckeye game. Did the Buckeyes even play football at the Championship Game?
1/3/2007 Our new Picture page is off to a great start click here to see a preview.
1/1/2007 Happy New Year!!!!!
12/30/2006 A new picture page is coming soon. I know people were having a hard time with it.
12/29/2006 We had a great Christmas. Thanks everyone. Now on to the new year.
12/25/2006 Merry Christmas Everyone.
12/20/2006 Haley's Page as been updated.
12/20/2006 Five Days until Christmas. We're all getting excited.
12/14/2006 Christmas has snuck up on us fast this year.
11/30/2006 Haley's Page as been updated.
11/30/2006 We have had a busy few weeks sorry I haven't updated in awhile.
11/22/2006 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. ~The Germ
11/18/2006 The Buckeyes Win against Michigan 42-39.
11/17/2006 Go Buckeyes Tomorrow! Beat Michigan!
11/15/2006 We are going to be making some changes to the site in the next month or so. I'm planning on taking down the message board since the only people that use it are people that send spam lately. The picture page will be changed to something a little easier to use and I think I might change the format of the webpages if I get time. If you have any ideas feel free to email me. ~The Germ
11/13/2006 Congratulations to Bill and Erin on their newest member of the family Cassidy Anne, born 1:12pm 11/07/06. Weight 8lbs, 6oz. Height: 20.5". Check more out at TheKramers.com.
11/11/2006 Haley's Page as been updated.
11/11/2006 Sorry for the lack of updates lately I was under the weather last week.
10/31/2006 Happy Halloween Everyone. We hope everyone has a safe and spooky time.
10/24/2006 Halloween is coming up. Haley is dressing as a Butterfly.
10/18/2006 We're officially done camping for the year. We had a great time camping this year and hope to get out and do a lot more next year starting in the Spring.
10/16/2006 Haley's page has been updated.
10/16/2006 We went to Bob Evans Farm Festival this weekend and had a good time. Haley was able to ride a horse.
10/9/2006 Don't miss Josh's band tomorrow night Attacked by Wolves at club Bijou downtown.
10/2/2006 Happy Anniversary Jenny. I love you! 7 years and counting.
10/2/2006 Happy Birthday to my little Bro Chris... He turned 30 this year!
9/27/2006 Help out my little brother Josh's Band "Attacked by Wolves" by voting for them at www.myspace.com/89ximwiththeband. This will be a life changing thing for the band if they win it so please get up there and vote for them. ~The Germ
9/24/2006 Whew September flew by fast. Sorry for the lack of updates but now that summer is nearing an end I'll have more time to work on the site. ~The Germ
9/19/2006 Happy 21st Birthday Erin.
9/14/2006 Millbury Fire Association's annual Ox Roast is this weekend. The Parade starts at 12:00PM, Auction starts at 1:30PM and all the other festivities will run until 11:00PM. There will be live entertainment, food, rides for the kids and much much more. Please feel free to come out and join us.
9/11/2006 We Will Never Forget.
9/6/2006 Haley's page has been updated.
9/6/2006 We had a good weekend at Maumee Bay even though we got rained on a little bit.
8/26/2006 We'll be going to Maumee Bay State Park for Labor Day camping.
8/26/2006 Sorry it has been awhile since my last update. We were gone camping in Santa Claus, IN. last weekend. This weekend we are actually home.
8/11/2006 Haley's page has been updated.
8/11/2006 We had a good time in Ludington last weekend.
8/1/2006 We are off to the Ludington, MI area this weekend camping.
8/1/2006 Wow it's been hot for the last few days. Heat index is at 105 today!
7/19/2006 Sorry for the lack of updates lately I've been a little busy.
7/17/2006  Happy Birthday Josh!!
7/10/2006 Happy Birthday to Grandpa Sig.
7/6/2006 Haley's page has been updated.
7/6/2006 We're off camping again this weekend. We'll be staying at Jellystone in Indiana on Barton lake.
7/8/2006 Camping page has been updated.
7/4/2006 Happy Birthday Ashley!
7/3/2006 Have a safe and happy Fourth of July everyone.
7/2/2006 Happy Birthday Heather!!
6/29/2006 Thought I'd throw a little news in here once in awhile. Click here!
6/27/2006 Haley's Page has been updated.
6/27/2006 Sorry for the delay in the updates. We've been busy with water in our basement, and other misc. things around the house.
6/14/2006 We are off to Fire Convention this weekend in Montpelier, Oh.
6/10/2006 Just in case you didn't catch me on the news I have posted it in our MudPaw Movies section.
6/10/2006 Believe it or not we have added 2 new videos to MudPaw Movies.
6/8/2006 It's hard to believe it's been 2 years. We miss you dad.  I started a webpage about my Dad awhile ago but I've found that it's hard to finish. So we'll call it a work in progress. If you would like to see the page please click here. I'm only going to have it up for a few days and then I will be finishing it so check it out if you want to.
6/8/2006 Well if you missed my news début on channel 24 Tuesday night I recorded it and will be posting the clip on the website.
5/31/2006 Haley's Page has been updated.
5/31/2006 We made it back from our vacation safe and sound. We had a good time but were ready to come home. The wedding was really nice. Congrats Brandi and Michael. Nashville was cool, I wish we had a little more time there to see more. Mammoth Cave was mammoth and really interesting. Last but not least East Harbor was fun as usual.
5/15/2006 We didn't make it camping once again. Jenny had foot surgery and it rained all weekend. But we will be heading to Tennessee this weekend to camp.
5/14/2006 Happy Mother's Day
5/8/2006 I forgot to tell everyone Haley's page was updated last week and our new camping page has been updated.
5/2/2006 Melinda and Chris are the new proud parents of Mason Julien Jones. Mason was 8lbs 11oz, 20.5 inches long. We stopped up and saw them last night. Mason has big hands and feet like all of the Jones boys. Haley now has another new cousin to play with. I don't have pictures yet but when I do I will post them. ~The Germ
5/2/2006 My little brother Chris and his wife Melinda will be having a baby boy today!! We'll keep you up to date on Baby Mason.
4/29/2006 Happy Birthday Grandma Sig. Sorry it's a little late.
4/27/2006 Well this month flew by. Hopefully in the next few days I'll have some new video up of Haley.
4/22/2006 Trying to get caught up on the yard work this week end.                      
4/20/2006 We just purchased www.thegerm.org The web address was not available for a long time and it finally came up so we purchased it. Now we own www.thegerm.com, www.thegerm.net www.thegerm.org
4/20/2006 Hey if you haven't left a message on the message board in awhile please leave on. Our hits on the website were up a lot in March. We had a shocking 11,000 hits for March.
4/20/2006 Josh's band "Attacked by Wolves" is playing tomorrow night at the Bijou. This will be the last show at the Bijou, their going to tear the Bijou down to make room for the new sports arena. So come out and support Josh's band and wish the Bijou a farewell. ~The Germ
4/18/2006 Happy Birthday to my Mom!!!!
4/17/2006 I've added a camping page to our site if you'd like to check it out. ~The Germ
4/16/2006 Happy Easter Everyone.
4/14/2006 Haley's page has been updated.
4/14/2006 Josh told me that this will be Attacked By Wolves last show until this fall. So don't miss out...
4/10/2006 Sorry it's been a little while since our last update, we've been busy. Easter is coming up this weekend.
3/27/2006 We actually went and saw a movie over the weekend and we have a new movie review.
3/26/2006 We have a new Mudpaw Movie coming soon so stay tuned. ~The Germ
3/26/2006 We saw a new movie last night I'll try to get the review up soon.
3/25/2006 Today was my dad's birthday he would have been 55 this year. Miss you Dad.....
3/20/2006 I think we are getting a little bit of cabin fever around the house. We need the weather to break so we can get out and go camping.
3/20/2006 Chris and Melinda had their baby shower yesterday. It seemed like they had a good turn out. Soon Haley will have another new cousin to play with.
3/20/2006 B.B. King put on a good show Sat. night. Josh and I had fun!
3/19/2006 Kyle is doing good. We stopped in and visited him the day after he was born. Haley has a new cousin to play with. ~The Germ
3/14/2006 Congratulations to Todd and Sonya. They had a baby boy, Kyle James. We'll post some pictures soon.
3/10/2006 Sorry for the delay in updates lately we've been a little busy.


3/2/2006 Josh and I will be going to see B.B. King the 18th of this month.
3/2/2006 We went to the camping show last weekend, we saw a lot of campers that were nice. Jenny won a 20.00 dollar gift card to a KOA Campground.
2/20/2006  Haley's page has been updated.
2/20/2006 I finally added Sadie's page to the website. It has been a long time and I thought that I should add it. The page is not finished yet but hopefully soon it will be. ~The Germ
2/20/2006 There is a camping show this weekend at the Seagate Center. Of course we'll be going on Sunday. I think we're getting a little bit of cabin fever at the house.  ~The Germ
2/14/2006 Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!
2/14/2006 Haley had a great birthday party Sat. Thanks to everyone who came and to everyone who gave gifts. Haley received a lot of nice things. Thanks!!
2/8/2006 Happy Birthday to our Baby Girl Haley!!!!! Haley turned 2 today!!
2/7/2006 Josh's Band Attacked by Wolves was on Fox News Tonight. I have the video recorded I'll post it on the site as soon as I can. ~The Germ
2/7/2006 Hard to believe our little girl Haley is going to be two years old tomorrow.
2/6/2006 Wed. is Haley's 2nd Birthday!! Haley's party is this Saturday.
2/3/2006 Tomorrow Night is the Fire Associations Wild Game dinner. It starts at 6:00PM.
1/26/2006 We'll be having a insulating party this Saturday at our house. If you'd like to come give me a call. We'll provide the food, beverages and atmosphere and you hang insulation. Party starts at 2:00PM Saturday, please call me if you'd like to come. Hopefully we can have a goodtime and get the insulating done on our upstairs. We may have a possible poker game later. ~The Germ
1/26/2006 Our upcoming events page has been updated.
1/24/2006 Happy Birthday to my lovely wife Jenny.
1/24/2006 We actually went and saw a movie last weekend. Checkout what we saw and how we rated it in our movie section.
1/24/2006 New video coming soon to MudPaw, so hang in there.
1/23/2006 Jenny's Birthday is tomorrow.
1/23/2005 Believe it or not our website turned 3 years old this month. Hopefully in the next few months I can change the look around a little bit. ~ The Germ
1/22/2006 Happy Birthday Mrs. Ard.
1/21/2006 Happy Birthday Grandma and Jeff Jr.
1/17/2006  Haley's page has been updated.
1/16/2005 We had a reverse raffle for the fire dept. over the weekend unfortunately we didn't win anything.
1/6/2006 Glad it's Friday this week seemed really long for some reason!!
1/5/2006 Happy Birthday Bill and Jodie.
1/2/2006 The Buckeyes won the Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame!!  Go Bucks!!
1/1/2006 Happy New Year Everyone.
12/28/2005 Hopefully everyone had a good Christmas. I know we had a good Christmas and got spoiled by some people, Thanks! Hope everybody has a wonderful new year.
12/25/05 Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.
12/22/2005 Make sure you check out the picture pages I added a few new pictures. New pictures of Haley, Brennden Ard and much more.
12/22/2005  Haley's page has been updated.
12/22/2005 We'll I can honestly say I'm done shopping for Christmas. I actually finished a little early this year. ~The Germ
12/21/2005 Christmas is right around the corner. Haley is getting excited I think for Santa to come to the house, or at least Jenny and I are for Haley.
12/14/2005 Click on the Happy Holidays message above for a message from TheGerm.com. Happy Holidays.
12/12/2005 We went to the Lights Before Christmas at the Zoo last night. We all had a good time. It was a little cold out but we survived.
12/9/2005 Ard and Heather had a baby boy today. Brennden Alton Ard is what they named him. Congratulations.  We'll have pictures soon!! ~The Germ
12/7/2005 Haley's page has been updated.
12/7/2005 Coming soon new pictures to the picture page.
12/5/2005 Haley, Jenny, The Ard's and I all went and cut down our Christmas Trees yesterday. We had a lot of fun. The girls got to feed and pet the animals and had hot chocolate. Then we all went to dinner.
11/29/2005 Movie of the Month has been updated.
11/28/2005 Sorry to say that a friend of the family passed away on the 24th. We'll miss you Kent.
Kent N. "Doc" Watson  
Kent N. Watson, age 55, died peacefully on Thursday, November 24, 2005, at Hospice of Northwest Ohio in Toledo, after a four year battle with cancer. Kent was born on March 7, 1950, to David and Margaret (Wittes) Watson, and was a native of South Toledo. He graduated from Bowsher High School (Class of 69); where he then honorably served our great country as a member of the Air Force in the Vietnam War. Kent married Denise Hatch on January 2, 1981, at Holy Trinity Church. He was employed by the City of Toledo as a supervisor, retiring in 2000. He then enjoyed working for Swanton School Transportation.
Kent worked very hard to provide for his family and was dedicated to spending quality time with them as a devoted husband and father. Kent enjoyed going on vacations, the lake, coaching sports, and scouts. His hobbies included anything to do with the outdoors; fishing, camping, canoeing, backpacking, and enjoying the beautiful nature that surrounded him. He will always be remembered for his willingness to lend a helping hand or a piece of knowledge to a friend.
He is survived by his loving wife of 25 years, Denise; son, Justin; daughter, Tracy; sisters, Terry Utterback, Penny (Joe) Miklovic, and Tammy (Merle) Kunckel; very special friend, Leonard Krauss, and all of those who loved him dearly. He is preceded in death by his parents and brother-in-law, Paul Utterback.
A memorial service will be held on Tuesday, November 29th, 2005, at 5:30 p.m. at Maumee United Methodist Church. Those planning an expression of sympathy are asked to consider Hospice of Northwest Ohio or Boy Scouts of America (Camp Pioneer). The family would like to give a special thanks to the staff at St. Vincent's Hospital and the staff at Hospice for there loving care. Arrangements entrusted to Neville Funeral Home.
11//24/2005 Happy ThanksGiving!!
11/19/2005 The Buckeyes beat Michigan. Score 25-21!! Go Bucks. We have pictures of Haley in her OSU Cheerleader outfit.
11/15/2005 Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Then the biggest shopping day of the year. I think it's the biggest shopping day of the year for me too. Usually by noon I'm ready to go home. ~The Germ
11/15/2005 Sorry I haven't been to up on the website as of lately. My new home PC should be here in a few days and I'll be back in business again.
11/13/2005 Happy Birthday Angie!!
11/7/2005 I have a few new pictures to post tonight.
11/7/2005 Haley's page has been updated.
11/2/2005 Happy Birthday Ard!!
10/31/2005 Happy Halloween Everyone.
10/25/2005 Halloween is next Monday. Spooky.
10/25/2005 Thought that I would dress up the site a little bit for Halloween.
10/18/2005 Since we are having problems with people spamming the GuestBook again I'm pulling the guestbook page and there will no longer be a guest book. If you want to leave a message please feel free to use our message board or send me an email. ~The Germ
James W. Kramer    
James W. Kramer, 55, of Maumee, OH and formerly of Tiffin, died on October 15, 2005, after a long battle with malignant melanoma. He was born in Tiffin, OH on June 6, 1950, to the late William and Joan (Borer) Kramer. He married Barbara Tegtmeier on June 8, 1979, and she survives.
In addition to his wife of 26 years, survivors include: two sons, William R. (Erin) Kramer of Flushing, MI, and Matthew J. Kramer (and fiance‚, Tamara Gardner) of Lemoore, California; 2 grandchildren, Madeline Grace and Grant William Kramer both of Flushing, MI; brother, Thomas J. (Jennine) Kramer of Tiffin and sister, Anne (James) Clifford of Brandon, Florida along with many nieces and nephews.
Jim graduated from Calvert High School in 1968 and the University of Toledo in 1970. He was a U.S. Army Veteran having served in Vietnam. He was an Eagle Scout with Boy Scout troop 444 from Tiffin and a Boy Scout Leader for St. Patrick of Heatherdowns Troop 252 for 12 years.
He worked at Owens Corning Fiberglas in Data Operations for almost 20 years. More recently, he was employed at St. Patrick of Heatherdowns where he enjoyed interacting with the students and formed many lasting friendships.
Friends may call at the Maison-Dardenne-Walker Funeral Home, 501 Conant St. Maumee on Tuesday October 18, 2005, from 2-9 p.m. where services will begin on Wednesday at 9:15 a.m. followed by Mass of Christian Burial at 10:00 a.m. at St. Patrick of Heatherdowns Church. A Graveside Service will take place in Canaan Lutheran Church Cemetery, Creston, OH at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday.
Memorial contributions may be made to the charity of the donor's choice or to the American Cancer Society. Condolences may be made at www.walkerfuneralhomes.com

10/15/2005 Sorry to hear that my friend Bill's father Jim passed away today.
10/12/2005 Haley's Page has been updated.
10/9/2005 Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary Jim and Angie.
10/9/2005 We'll have lots of pictures from the last few weekends of camping. Haley dressed as Elmo for the Halloween parties at the campgrounds.
10/4/2005 Camping at the KOA was fun. Haley received lots of treats from other campers.
10/4/2005 Sorry for the lack of updates lately my home computer has bought the farm and I have to build a new one in the near future. ~The Germ
10/2/2005 Happy 6th Anniversary to my wife Jenny.
10/2/2005 Happy Birthday to my little brother Chris.
9/30/2005 We're off camping again this weekend at KOA in Michigan. They will be having a big Halloween Bash. ~The Germ
9/21/2005 Thought that everyone would get a kick out of Haley on her fire truck. I think we're going to be in trouble when she figures out how to hit the gas and drive off in it.
9/21/2005 We're off camping this weekend in Mohican.
9/14/2005 Check out around the site I have posted a few new pictures here and there.
9/12/2005  Haley's page has been updated.
9/12/2005 We had the Fireman's Annual Ox Roast Saturday. Grandma Jones bought a fire truck for Haley. I'll post some of the pictures tonight If I can get Haley to stay still long enough.
9/12/2005 I was upset to see OSU lose this weekend to Texas. But on the flip side Michigan lost to Notre Dame. ~The Germ
8/31/2005 I added a few new pictures to our picture section. ~The Germ
8/26/2005 Help promote Josh's band "Attacked by Wolves". They made it on NPR's website this week. Click here to go to NPR's site and rate one of their songs. "Checklist and Standards". ~The Germ
8/26/2005 We're getting closer on the deck being finished. Thanks to Jim. I'll take a few pictures this weekend.
8/25/2005 Well we finally got Mom Jones all moved and into her new house. It was sad to see the old house sold but the new place should suite Mom a lot better. ~The Germ
8/25/2005 If we ever get our camper back I'll post some new pictures that we took on vacation.
8/17/2005 Haley's page has been updated.
8/17/2005 Coming soon...... New pictures of Haley and a few from our vacation.
8/9/2005 Someone thought that they would be funny and pull a practical joke at our house while we were on vacation. All I can say is you know who you are and I'll be sure to return the favor in some form or another. ~The Germ
8/9/2005 Well we made it back from the Dells a little sun burned and wore out but we had a good time. Haley made the long trip by watching Elmo there and back. ~The Germ
7/28/2005 We're heading to the Wisconsin Dells for a much needed week vacation. We're going to be camping in the camper. ~The Germ
7/27/2005 My Brother Josh is heading out on tour with his Band "Attacked by Wolves" this weekend. Josh said that they will be gone for 2 weeks traveling all over the country. ~The Germ
7/27/2005 Hey I know it's been a few days since I put something up. Summer is a busy time for me. Jim and I worked on the deck last weekend we got a little more done hopefully we an get r done in a few weeks.
7/18/2005 Haley's page has been updated.
7/17/2005 Happy Birthday to my little Brother Josh!!
7/17/2005 Spent most of the weekend starting to build the deck, with help from Jim, Jeff and Ard.
7/11/2005 New pictures posted today in the picture section and hopefully soon new videos.
7/4/2005 Happy Birthday Ashley!!
7/2/2005 Sorry to say that my best friends father passed away. Mr. Ard you will be missed and we will never forget you.

Terry A. Ard, 63, of South Toledo, passed away Saturday, July 2, 2005, in St. Luke's Hospital. Terry was born November 3, 1941, in Laurel, MS, and graduated from Murphy High School, Mobile, AL, in 1959. He worked for Gulf Mobile and the Ohio Railroad as a special agent from 1960 to 1971 and for Amtrak from 1971 until his retirement in February of 2002. Terry received the President's Achievement Award for Outstanding Service in Washington D.C. in 1983.
Terry was an avid sports fan but his passion was for the Chicago Cubs, and his beloved New Orleans Saints. He also loved the railroad and trains. He enjoyed his opportunity to travel with his wife and his favorite destinations were Kona, Hawaii and Berchesgaarten, Germany. He was a member of the Fraternal Order of the Eagles for several years.
Terry was preceded in death by his parents, Nathan and Bessie Ard; brother, Jimmy Ard; sister-in-law, Joyce Ard and special cousin, Irma Logan. Surviving are his loving wife of 33 years, Audrey; son, Christopher (Heather) Ard; granddaughters, Ashley and Emily Ard; brother, Nathan E. (Vivian) Ard; brother-in-law, Ronald Rey; sister, Shirley Ann Ard; very special nephew, Michael Fasano and many loving nieces, nephews and special friends.
Friends may call at the Walter Funeral Home, 4653 Glendale Avenue, on Wednesday, July 6, from 2-5:30 p.m. with funeral services beginning at 5:30 p.m. Memorial contributions in Terry's name may be made to a charity of the donor's choice.

6/28/2005 Well we made it back from Vegas. We had a good time but we were glad to be home, we missed Haley! ! ~The Germ
6/22/2005 Haley's page has been updated.
6/22/2005 We're off to Las Vegas this weekend.
6/22/2005 Fire Convention was fun, I'll post some of the pictures tonight if I get time.
6/14/2005 We're off to Firemen's Convention this weekend in New London, Ohio.
6/8/2005 One year ago today my Dad passed away. Tonight we are planting a buckeye tree at his grave. My dad in case you did not know him was a big Ohio State Buckeyes fan. It's hard to believe that a year has gone by so fast. We miss you dad................
6/8/2005 Thought that I would post one of the pictures that I took at the wedding on Saturday. More top come! ~The Germ
6/2/2005 Todd and Sonya are getting married this weekend. We'll have lots of pictures I'm sure.
6/2/2005 Coming soon to TheGerm.com new pictures I promise. ~The Germ
5/26/2005 Haley's page has been updated.
5/26/2005 We're off camping for the weekend at East Harbor. ~The Germ
5/20/2005 I went and saw Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. It was a great movie.
5/19/2005 Star Wars came out today and I'll be going tonight to see it!
5/17/2005 Due to the lack of use we will be taking down the message board in the next few weeks. If for some reason you think we should spare the board then post messages on the message board and let me know you want to keep it other wise it will be removed. I'd keep it but we are running low on space and I need to clean a few things up. ~ The Germ
5/16/2005 Haley's page has been updated.
5/16/2005 Congratulations to the Ard's! Heather is pregnant with their third baby.
5/16/2005 A couple more weeks and we will be camping. We'll be going to East Harbor for Memorial Day Weekend.
5/16/2005 The third and final StarWars comes out this week. Hopefully we will be seeing it this weekend. So look for our review in our movie section.
5/5/2005 We're having a fish fry on Friday May 20th for the Fire Dept Association. Let me know if you want to go so I can get tickets. Fish, Poker, 50/50 Raffles, and I think they are having raffles for some prizes. ~ The Germ
4/29/2005 Grandma Sig's Birthday!! Happy Birthday!!
4/29/2005 I don't think that we are going to be able to make it camping this weekend. Haley has been under the weather and we don't want her to get worse.
4/21/2005 Haley's page has been updated.
4/21/2005 Check out the weather on our weather page. I can't believe we are suppose to get snow this weekend. It was 85 yesterday......
4/21/2005 I know I've been slacking off on the website lately but I've been busy. ~The Germ
4/21/2005 Hey stop in and sign our new guest book if you haven't yet.
4/18/2005 Happy Birthday Mom. We love you!!
4/14/2005 Well we are finally going to get out and go camping at the end of the month. Now I just have to get the camper ready.
4/14/2005 My Mom's Birthday is coming up this Monday. ~The Germ
4/4/2005 Another month flew by. Hopefully we'll get out and go camping sometime during April.
4/1/2005 April Fools Day!
4/1/2005 The Camping Season starts soon.
3/27/2005 Happy Easter Everyone!
3/23/2005 My little brother Josh's Band "Attacked by Wolves" is playing down at Club Bijou this Friday night. So come on down and check them out. They go on at 9:00PM. ~The Germ
3/23/2005 Haley's page has been updated.
3/18/2005 Sorry I haven't updated in awhile I've been a little side tracked. ~The Germ
3/17/2005 Happy St. Patricks Day!!
3/9/2005 We have a new video to add to our MudPaw Collection. This one is of Haley's First Birthday Party at the Walbridge Shelter House. Go to our MudPaw Movie Section.
2/28/2005 Wow Feb. flew by. Can't wait for warm weather and going camping. ~The Germ
2/23/2005 Coming soon.......... a new Mudpaw Movie.
2/23/2005 Haley's page has been updated.
2/21/2005 Sorry I haven't posted anything lately I've been sick with the flu for a few days.
2/14/2005 Happy Valentines Day Everyone.
2/14/2005 Haley's Birthday Party on Saturday was great, Thanks to everyone that was there. If I feel better tonight I'll post some pictures.
2/14/2005 In case you haven't noticed I started a new picture page that is a lot more user friendly and you can post some of your own photos on it as well. ~The Germ
2/12/2005 Congrats to Karen and Brad they just had a baby boy!
2/9/2005 Haley had a great time last night smashing birthday cake and opening presents.
2/8/2005 Happy Birthday to our Daughter Haley. It's hard to believe Haley is One Year Old. We'll have pictures I'm sure posted from tonight. Haley's party is Saturday so we'll have plenty more then also.
2/8/2005 Haley's Page has been updated!!
2/4/2005 My Brother Josh's Band Attacked by Wolves played tonight at the Bijou. They put on a great show!
1/31/2005 Haley's First Birthday is coming up Feb. 8th.
1/31/2005 Sorry to say but our guestbook has been permanently shut down due to people trying to hack our guestbook. I hate to get rid of it but I can't stop the spam and hacking. So there fore the guest book is gone. ~The Germ

1/24/2005 Happy Birthday to My Lovely Wife Jenny.

1/21/2005 Happy Birthday Jeff Jr. and Grandma. ~Jeremy
1/10/2005 New pictures of our progress on the upstairs of our house coming soon. ~The Germ
1/5/2005 Happy Birthday Bill and Jodi !!!! We hope you both have a great Birthday!!
1/3/2005 Our Movie of the Month page has been updated.
1/2/2005 We have video of Josh and Jeff Jr. doing the polar bear swim yesterday. Click here for the video in our MudPaw Movie Section. Josh got interviewed by a local news station, as soon as I get it transferred to my computer I'll put it up.
12/31/2004 Happy New Years Everyone. Hope that everyone has a safe and Happy New Year.
12/31/2004 Our Picture page is currently down at the moment. I got a little punchy and accidently deleted it. So I'm going to have to make a new one. ~The Germ
12/30/2004 Tonight I'll post some of Haley's first Christmas pictures. New Years is right around the corner. ~ The Germ

12/24/2004 Merry Christmas Everyone.

12/24/2004 We're off today. We'll be going to Grandma and Grandpa Sig's house and to Grandma Scott's house today. I need to find time to wrap presents. ~The Gerrm
12/22/2004  Check out our Weather Page by clicking here.
12/22/2004 It looks like we are going to be getting hit hard with snow tonight and tomorrow 8"-12". We'll definitely be having a white Christmas this year.
12/20/2004 We only have four shopping days left till Christmas......
12/19/2004 We went to the Sigurdson Christmas Party yesterday and had a good time. We also went to the Fire Dept Associations Christmas Party last night and had a good time too. Pictures soon to follow. ~The Germ
12/16/2004 I finally had to move the picture page over to the new format (we're running out of space) so if the picture page looks different that's why. I'll be making changes to it during the next few weeks. ~The Germ
12/16/2004 We still haven't got a Christmas Tree yet. We went and looked at a few places but all they had was small trees. We're hopefully going to Friday night to get a tree.
12/12/2004 We'll hopefully be getting or Christmas Tree today. Pictures soon to follow.
12/7/2004 Haley's Page has been updated.
12/7/2004 I added a movie to MudPaw Productions This movie is just for a good laugh. Hopefully in the next few days I'll have some new movies up there of Haley. ~The Germ
12/7/2004 Movie of the Month has bee updated. I think we should change it to movie of the quarter, we really don't see movies that much anymore.
12/6/2004 Haley's eye is getting better. I have pictures that I'll put up tonight on the site. ~The Germ
12/6/2004 I decided to get into the plowing business part time. So if anyone needs their driveway or parking lots plowed send me an email to snowremoval@thegerm.com.
12/2/2004 Haley had her first trip to the ER today. Haley pulled down a Christmas stocking and the hanger hit her in the eye. She's OK but she has one heck of a shiner. ~The Germ
12/1/2004 Haley's Page has been updated.
12/1/2004 Christmas is coming up quick. It's hard to believe it's December all ready. Hopefully we'll have some new pictures up soon. ~The Germ
11/25/2004 Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I'll try to get pictures of Haley's first Thanksgiving up tonight. ~The Germ
11/20/2004 Ohio State beats Michigan 37 to 21. ~The Germ
11/20/2004 Go Buckeyes today is the Ohio State vs. Michigan Game.
11/19/2004 Haley's Page has been updated.
11/17/2004 The Ohio State vs. Michigan is this coming up Saturday. Go Bucks!!!
11/13/2004 Happy Birthday Angie!!
11/8/2004 Tomorrow for all you X-Box Fans Halo 2 is coming out. ~The Germ
11/4/2004 Haley's Page has been updated.
11/2/2004 Happy Birthday Ard!! Ard turned 31 Today!!
11/2/2004 Get out and Vote Today!!
10/31/2004 Happy Halloween Everyone. We'll have a few pictures up of Haley in her Halloween Costume. ~The Germ
10/30/2004 Well we are officially done camping until next year. The camper goes in today to be repaired. Halloween tomorrow we will have pictures of Haley in her first Halloween costume.
10/21/2004 Were off this weekend camping for a Halloween Party at a KOA. ~The Germ
10/18/2004 Hopefully in the next few days I'll have some more pictures of Sadie up here.
10/17/2004 Today at around 1:30AM our dog Sadie passed away. We we're glad that Sadie had waited for us to get home and we could be with her when she passed. We will miss you Sadie and we love you. 

 Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they each miss someone very special, someone who was left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body begins to quiver. Suddenly, he breaks from the group, flying over the green grass, faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into those trusting eyes, so long gone from your life, but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together...

10/13/2004 Haley's Page has been updated.
10/13/2004 Here is a preview of the new picture page. Click Here.
10/13/2004 We had fun at the reunion and at Bob Evans Farm. I'll try to get pictures posted tonight. ~The Germ
10/8/2004 We're off tonight to Buckeye Lake Camping. Saturday we'll be at Bob Evans Farm and Sunday at the Family Reunion. ~The Germ
10/7/2004 We're off to Newark this weekend for our family reunion and we're going to Bob Evans Farm. Of course we'll be camping. ~The Germ
10/7/2004 I thought that I'd add a few captions under the pictures from now on, it makes it a little more fun. ~The Germ
10/4/2004 Sorry the site might have been acting goofy over the weekend, I was trying to get the hacking problem fixed on the guest book and it caused a few problems.
10/2/2004 Happy Anniversary to my wife Jenny. Hard to believe it's been 5 years. ~Jeremy
10/2/2004 Happy birthday to my brother Chris. ~Jeremy
10/1/2004 Tomorrow is Our fifth Wedding Anniversary and my little brother Chris's Twenty Eighth Birthday. ~The Germ
10/1/2004 Our new picture page should be up sometime to day.
9/28/2004 Haley's Page has been updated.
9/28/2004 Hopefully tonight I can post a few pictures from the Sigurdson Family Reunion.
9/28/2004 My little brother Josh is off to Colorado. We wish him well and lots of luck.
9/19/2004 The Ox Roast was a fun time, I should have put on some sun block though I got a little burned. Coming up next week is Josh's going away party. Josh is moving to Colorado on the 28th. ~The Germ
9/13/2004 This Saturday is the Millbury Annual Ox Roast for the Fire Dept. Come on out and say "Hi" I'll be working in it. ~The Germ
9/10/2004 Pictures from Mohican State Park and Whispering Hills Campground. This is where we went camping last weekend. ~The Germ
9/3/2004 Tonight we're going to my little brother Josh's bands Battle of the Bands at club Rain. Come out and cheer on Josh and his Band if you can make it. I'm going to try and get some pictures for the website. ~The Germ
9/2/2004 I'm a finished with my Fire class and I passed the State test on Tuesday night. I'm now an official Fire Fighter and EMT. I'm just glad to be finished up with the class so I can spend more time with Jenny and Haley. ~The Germ
9/2/2004 We're going camping this holiday weekend at Whispering Hills Campground.
8/28/2004 Eric's Family is having a Golf Scramble to help raise money for Eric's sons to go to school. I'll be posting a flyer here in the next few days. ~The Germ
8/28/2004 Thinking about making a new picture page soon.
8/23/2004 Haley's page has been updated.
8/23/2004 More videos in MudPaw coming soon. ~The Germ
8/23/2004 My fire class is about finished up. I have the class final this week and then the State exam next week. ~The Germ
8/18/2004 New pictures coming soon. ~The Germ
8/16/2004 Enjoy the new pictures of Haley and the picture of me dressed up as Boo Boo with Haley. ~The Germ



Eric W. Misejka, 28 years of So. Toledo died in a tragic motorcycle accident, Friday August 6, 2004.
He was born April 11, 1976 to Mark and Susan (Marchal) Misejka.
Eric was a member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish and attended its grade school and went on to graduate from St. Francis de Sales high school in 1994.
He worked for Gordon Food Service in Maumee as a Sales/Serviceman the past five years.
An extremely talented handyman, Eric was generous with his time and talents helping relatives and friends repair just about anything that touched his hands.
He took pride in his work at Gordon Foods.
Eric loved his family, was a wonderful dad to Logan and Jakey and loved them with all his heart.
He will be remembered as a loving husband, father, son, brother and grandson. He was fun loving and admired for the spontaneous joy he brought to those who knew him.
He was preceded in death by his grandpa, Gerald Marchal and his "Nana" Evelyn Misejka.
His life will continue on thru his loving wife, Colleen (his Tweety) and his two young sons, Logan W. (stinkerpots) and Jacob L. (chunker-nunkers). Also surviving are his loving parents, Mark and Sue , younger sisters, Lindsey (Dom Pickle) and Ashley, grandmother, Dorothy (Gilbert) Marchal and grandfather "Papa" Andrew Misejka, along with many loving aunts, uncles , cousins and friends.
Friends may call at the Coyle Funeral Home, 1770 S. Reynolds Rd. on Monday from 7-9 p.m. and Tuesday 2-9 p.m., where a Scripture Service will be held at 7 p.m. The funeral will begin in the mortuary Wednesday at 9:15 a.m. followed by a Mass of Christian Burial at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church at 10 a.m. Interment Resurrection Cemetery. Memorials may take the form of a contribution in Eric's name to the Logan and Jakey Catholic Education Fund, c/o Colleen Misejka at any 5/3rd Bank branch. Please view and sign the "on-line" guest register at www.CoyleFuneralHome.com
God Made You My
Loving Partner
When He designed
your feet to follow His path,
your hands to do His work,
your eyes to reflect His love,
your smile to show His warmth...
God knew He would give us
each other to love. 8/8/2004 I just found out that my friend Eric passed away. We'll miss you and you will always be in our hearts.

8/3/2004 Picture from Mardi Gra weekend at the last camp ground we went to.
8/3/2004 We'll be camping this weekend at Six Flags in Aurora, Ohio. ~The Germ
7/30/2004 Working on the yard and landscaping all weekend. Hopefully the rain stays away for a few days. ~The Germ
7/22/2004 Enjoy the pictures Grandma Sig took above. ~The Germ
7/22/2004 Haley's Page has been updated. ~The Germ
7/17/2004 Check out the new video on Mudpaw Movies is Haley's first time eating rice cereal. ~The Germ
7/17/2004 Happy Birthday to my little Brother Josh!!
7/15/2004 I start my Fire Training class next week. ~The Germ
7/10/2004 Happy Birthday to Grandpa Sig!!!
7/8/2004 Haley is 5 months old today and I updated her page. Click here for Haley's page. ~The Germ
7/8/2004 Movie of the Month has been updated. ~The Germ
7/7/2004 I passed my EMT Written Test. WOOHOO. Now I'm an EMT.
7/4/2004 Happy Forth of July Everyone!!
7/4/2004 I think we have a new Olympic Swimmer. Haley swimming in her Aunt Angie and Uncle Jim's pool. Pretty good for almost 5 months old. Haley swam almost the whole length of the pool.
7/4/2004 Happy Birthday to Ashley.
7/4/2004 We added a few pictures to the website on the picture page.
7/2/2004 Happy Birthday Heather!
6/30/2004 I'll be making a few changes to the site over the course of the next couple of weeks. Hopefully we will have a new picture gallery and a slightly new look if I can find the time. ~The Germ
6/30/2004 Hard to believe June is already over with. The 4th of July is around the bend.
6/24/2004 Haley's page has been updated.
6/24/2004 New pictures of Haley from Joan on our picture page. ~The Germ
Jim Jones, 53, of South Toledo, passed away suddenly on Tuesday, June 8, 2004, in the Medical College Hospital. A lifelong Toledo resident, Jim owned and operated Jim Jones Painting for the past 25 years. He loved traveling, hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors. Jim was a loving family man, who cherished the time he spent with them. Mr. Jones, who attended O.S.U., was an avid and dedicated fan of Ohio State his entire life.
Jim was preceded in death by his parents, Jack and Joan Jones; brother, Jack Jones; stepmother, Jane Jones and uncle, Theodore Vogt. Surviving are his wife of 32 years, Barbara; children, Jerimiah (Jennifer), Christopher (Melinda) and Joshua; granddaughter, Haley Jones; brother, Jeffrey (Judith) Jones; sister, Jennifer Hood; mother-in-law, June Scott; sister-in-law, Kathleen Jones; aunt, Marie Vogt; several nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters-in-law.
Friends may call at the Walter Funeral Home, 4653 Glendale Ave., on Friday, June 11th from 2 to 9 p.m. Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday at the funeral home. Interment will follow in Riverside Cemetery, Maumee. Memorials may be given to the American Cancer Society or Diabetes Assoc.
6/9/2004 Friday 2:00 PM - 9:00 PM is the showing. Saturday at 10:00 AM is the Funeral. Tomorrow I'll try to post the obituary from the paper. ~Jeremy
6/8/2004 Today my Dad James Jones passed away. We love you Dad.
6/8/2004 Coming soon a new MudPaw Production movie. ~The Germ
6/7/2004 Haley's Page has been updated!. Haley went to the doctor today. ~The Germ
6/6/2004 I passed my EMT Practical's now I just have to take the written test.
6/4/2004 Tomorrow is my Practical for my EMT class. Wish me luck. ~The Germ
6/1/2004 Well we're back from our camping weekend at East Harbor. We had a good time and Haley seemed to enjoy herself. I'll post pictures soon. ~The Germ
5/25/2005 Haley rolled over for the first time yesterday. Read more on Haley's Page.
5/25/2004 Well we took our first Camping trip of the year last weekend at Maumee Bay State Park. This weekend we are off to East Harbor State Park. ~The Germ
5/16/2004 Haley was Baptized today, everything went well and she received a lot of nice things. Thanks everyone!
5/13/2004 Haley's Baptism is this Sunday. We will have pictures. ~The Germ
5/9/2004 Happy Mother's Day!
5/5/2004 We have a new video of Haley in Mudpaw Productions. ~The Germ
5/5/2004 Mother's Day is this weekend.
5/2/2004 Coming soon............... another movie from MudPaw Productions. ~The Germ
5/2/2004 Happy Anniversary to the Ard's. ~The Germ
5/1/2004 Well we didn't get to go camping this weekend. Maybe next weekend. ~The Germ
4/29/2004 Happy Birthday to Jenny's Mom Joan!!!
4/23/2004 Haley's Page has been updated!. ~The Germ
4/23/2004 In about a week we'll be camping. This will be Haley's first camping trip! ~The Germ
4/23/2004 Just so you know the message board will be changing looks around in the next few days. I'm experimenting with some different options.
4/19/2004 Mom was surprised at her surprise birthday party. So of the pictures above. ~
4/18/2004 Happy Birthday Mom!!!
4/14/2004 Haley's Page has been updated!!
4/14/2004 We're going to be trying out our new camper soon and taking out Haley for her first camping trip.
4/14/2004 Sorry I haven't been updating the website as much lately I haven't had a whole lot of time with working, going to school and spending time with Jenny and Haley. ~The Germ
4/13/2004 Let us know you stopped by and checked out the website by signing our guestbook.
4/11/2004 Happy Easter Everyone. ~The Germ
4/9/2004 Hopefully we'll have pictures of Haley in her Easter Dress to post on the website.
4/5/2004 Haley's Page and the Picture Page has been updated.
4/5/2004 Well we purchased a new camper Saturday. Check out the pictures on our picture page. ~The Germ
4/5/2004 New Image galley coming soon. Here's a sample click here. As soon as I get all of the pictures up loaded it will be live.
3/29/2004 Haley's Page has been up dated.
3/29/2004 We're buying a new Camper Trailer Saturday. Pictures I'm sure will be posted this weekend. ~The Germ
3/27/2004 Haley is doing great. We just need her to start sleeping a little more at night.
3/25/2004 Today is my Dad's Birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!
3/17/2004 Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. Pictures of Haley will be posted tonight.        
3/17/2004 Haley's Page has been up dated!
3/13/2004 New video from MudPaw Productions of Haley click here.
3/13/2004 Haley has a cold so were trying to lay low for a few days till she gets to feeling better. More pictures and video coming soon. ~The Germ
3/8/2004 Haley's Page has been updated with pictures and info about her recent doctor's visit. ~The Germ
3/1/2004 Haley's Page has been updated with pictures and some info.
3/1/2004 Haley and Jenny are doing great. I was fighting food poisoning all weekend. ~Germ
3/1/2004 Sorry we've had server problems once again. Hopefully we're back up for awhile.
2/26/2004 Check out Haley's Page by clicking here or on the link in the link bar.
2/25/2004 A new movie from MudPaw is coming soon. ~The Germ
2/23/2004 The Server our site was on crashed and they lost 17 days of data off of our site. So I'm going to have to re create everything that we have lost.  Unfortunately if any one signed the guest book it will be lost as well as messages in the message board.  I should be able to get most of it set back up tonight~The Germ
2/10/2004 We came home today from the hospital. ~The Germ
2/8/2004 It's a Girl Haley Jennifer 7 lbs. 9 oz. 21" long born at 10:00 AM.
2/6/2004 Happy Belated Birthday Todd!!
2/6/2004 We still haven't had the Baby yet. ~The Germ
2/4/2004 TheGerm.com's web traffic is up we had 13398 hits last month. Thanks to all who stopped in and checked out the website. ~The Germ
2/4/2004 Coming soon.............. A new addition to TheGerm.com. Stay Tuned!
1/31/2004 Baby Jones has been updated! ~The Germ
1/30/2004 Check out my little brother's website at KingOats.com ~The Germ
1/30/2003 The Shiffer Robe pictures above is the finished product. Many Thanks to Jim for helping me out. ~The Germ
1/30/2004  Glad that's over. I turned 30 yesterday. Started EMT classes earlier in the week, it's been pretty interesting so far. ~The Germ
1/24/2003 Happy Birthday to my Lovely Wife Jennifer. Love Ya.  ~Jeremy
1/23/2004 Here's a panoramic picture of the baby's room almost finished. I just have to get the door back on the Shiffer Robe.
1/22/2004 Jenny's Birthday is Saturday!! ~The Germ
1/22/2004 Doctor said that Jenny could have the baby any day now within the next 2 weeks!! Woo Hoo!! We're ready. ~The Germ
1/21/2004 Happy Birthday Grandma and Jeff Jr.
1/21/2004 Baby Jones has been updated. ~The Germ
1/20/2004 The Diaper Party went well. Thanks to everyone for coming and for the diapers, I'm sure we will use them. ~The Germ
1/16/2004 Maddie's Birthday is today. Happy Birthday!
1/16/2004 Tomorrow is the Diaper Party. ~The Germ
1/14/2004 The Diaper Party is this Saturday Jan. 17th. Pictures may follow. ~The Germ
1/11/2004 The Baby Shower went well and we got a lot of nice things. Thanks to everyone.
1/10/2004 Tomorrow is our Baby Shower. ~The Germ
1/10/2004 Baby Jones has been updated!
1/10/2004 Movie of the Month has been updated!
1/7/2004 More Pictures from Mars. Color ones this time. ~The Germ
1/5/2004 Happy Birthday to Bill and Jodi.
1/5/2004 NASA Rover Spirit lands successfully on Mars.  ~The Germ
1/2/2004 My little brother Chris made the Polar Bear plunge yesterday in the river. Coming soon video! ~The Germ
1/1/2004 Happy New Year!!
12/26/2003 We had a great Christmas, Thanks everyone for our gifts and for just being with us! we still have a few Christmas Parties to go to and then it's on to the New Year. ~The Germ
12/26/2003 New Pictures add to our picture page.
12/24/2003 Merry Christmas from Jeremy & Jenny.
12/22/2003 Take a Poll on what you think Jenny is going to have by clicking here!
12/22/2003 I've been working on a new picture gallery check it out here.
12/20/2003 I posted a video of Gus that I found while looking through stuff. It's a really short video and you can find it in the Mudpaw Movies section. ~The Germ
12/20/2003 I will be finishing up my Christmas Shopping tomorrow I hope. ~The Germ
12/19/2003 Christmas will be here soon only 6 days and I still have to finish shopping. ~The Germ
12/16/2003 Tonight I was hired by the trustees as a volunteer fireman. Now I just have to go through the training. ~The Germ
12/16/2003 Baby Jones has been updated!
12/14/2003 We got a little bit of snow here over the weekend, hopefully it stays white for Christmas. ~The Germ
12/14/2003 Saddam Hussein captured alive near Tikrit Today.
12/13/2003 Went and saw a friend of mine from high schools band play last night in BG. Check out their website at www.grasshopperpie.com . ~The Germ
12/12/2003 Baby Jones has been updated! ~The Germ
12/12/2003 Our Baby Shower for my side of the family is coming up on Jan. 11th, 2004.
12/12/2003 Christmas will be here soon. Hopefully we get some snow for Christmas.
12/10/2003 Well I got the Official word last night that I'll be starting as a Volunteer Fireman next Tuesday. ~The Germ
12/10/2003 We started decorating our Christmas Tree last night. There's a picture with the lights on it above. As soon as we finish decorating I'll post the finished tree. ~The Germ
12/8/2003 We had our Lamaze class this weekend, it was pretty neat and we learned a few things. ~The Germ
12/8/2003 Well we got most of the lights up outside this weekend and went and got our tree too.
12/5/2003 We're suppose to get our first snow storm today possibly 2"- 5" by midnight tonight.
12/5/2003 Traffic on the website has been kind of slow lately?? ~The Germ
12/3/2003 Hopefully I'll be decorating the house for Christmas this weekend. ~The Germ
12/1/2003 Christmas is coming. We need to decorate. ~The Germ
11/27/2003 Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hopefully I'll have some pictures from my parents house to post up! ~The Germ
11/27/2003 Tomorrow is the biggest shopping day of the year, I think it's the biggest for me too. Can't get out to go shopping check out www.slickdeals.net
11/26/2003 This weekend I'll hopefully be putting up Christmas decorations outside. I'll have pictures if I do.
11/24/2003 Baby Jones has been updated.
11/24/2003 Jenny is going to the doctor today for a check up we'll keep you posted. ~The Germ
11/24/2003 Thanksgiving is this Thursday! Here's an article on why turkey makes you sleepy.
11/22/2003 We went to my brother Chris and Melina's house to watch the game. It was disappointing to see the Bucks lose. ~The Germ
11/22/2003 The Big Game is today!! Go Bucks!!! Game starts at 12:00PM. ~The Germ
11/22/2003 Check out some of our OSU baby clothes that we got already in the pictures page.
11/20/2003 Coming Soon a new picture gallery. Here is a sample of what there is to come click here!
11/20/2003 Sorry I haven't posted for a little while our Website host has had some technical problems. ~The Germ
11/17/2003 Added more pictures of the Baby Shower and some of the gifts that we received. ~The Germ
11/16/2003 Next Week is the Ohio State vs. Michigan Game!! Go Bucks!!
11/14/2003 Glad it's Friday!! Have a good weekend everyone!!
11/12/2003 Baby Jones has been updated.
11/12/2003 Jenny and I will be going to see the Doctor today. Look for updates on Baby Jones. ~TheGerm
11/11/2003 Baby Jones has been updated.
11/10/2003 I've got tons of auctions up on Ebay this week. ~The Germ
11/9/2003 I took a bunch of photos through my telescope tonight of the lunar eclipse. Click here for pictures.
11/9/2003 Found the above ad while cleaning out the basement. ~The Germ
11/8/2003 This weekend is going to be a busy one. We're trying to get the baby room organized and build shelves for the basement. ~The Germ
11/6/2003 Believe it or not TheGerm.com has been up for over a year. Hopefully soon we can come up with a new look. ~The Germ
11/6/2003 Saturday Night there will be a Lunar Eclipse. ~The Germ
11/2/2003 Our Baby shower was great. Thank You everyone for coming and for the gifts. Click here for some of the pictures. ~The Germ
11/2/2003 Baby Jones has been updated.
11/2/2003 Happy Birthday Ard! We went to his surprise birthday party last night. ~The Germ
11/1/2003 Stop in and check out my Uncle Steve's website click here. I heard that there might be a video of me and my brothers from when I was 6 years old.  There's also pictures of Riley in his Halloween costume. ~The Germ
11/1/2003 Tomorrow is one of our baby showers. Hopefully we will have some pictures to post.
11/1/2003 Tomorrow is Ard's 30th Birthday. Happy Birthday Ard. The pictures above are of me and Ard a few years ago on Halloween dressed as the Blues Brothers. ~TheGerm
10/31/2003 Happy Halloween!!!
10/29/2003 Had some complaints about not being able to see the buttons on the left so I changed them to plain text. ~The Germ
10/28/2003 I received an early Christmas present from Jenny's Parents, the rock pictures above. Thank You. ~Jeremy
10/16/2003 Baby Jones has been updated. ~The Germ
10/28/2003 I cleaned up the Tribute video a little bit and added a few pictures. ~The Germ
10/28/2003 Added a few pictures of Gus and a few pictures to our picture page. ~The Germ
10/27/2003 Only 6 days until our first Baby Shower.  The second one for my side of the family is Jan. 11th. ~The Germ
10/24/2003 In case you didn't notice Gus now has his own button on the left.
10/24/2003 Baby Jones has been updated. ~The Germ
10/23/2003 A video tribute to our dog Gus click here or check out Gus's page. ~The Germ
10/23/2003 We have started cleaning out the Baby Room. ~The Germ
10/20/2003 I have started the Gus Page. Click here to see what I have so far.
10/19/2003 Very sad news our dog Gus came down with Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia and passed October 18, 2003 at around 9:00 AM. Gus seemed to be fine earlier in the week and Thursday seemed to lose a lot of energy.  Gus was 7 years old and one of the best dogs anyone could ask for, Gus will be missed. There fore in the next few days we will be dedicating a web page just for Gus with pictures and some video of him to remember him by. ~The Germ
10/13/2003 Pictures of some of the Halloween Stuff at East Harbor. Pictures added to our picture page. ~The Germ
10/13/2003 Well this weekend was a busy one. We'll have pictures tonight of the Halloween East Harbor. ~The Germ
Jane C. Jones, of Maumee, OH, formerly of South Toledo, passed away Wednesday, October 8, 2003, at Ridgewood Manor. Born to Ernest T. (Freda C. Thierwechter) Vought. Mrs. Jones worked as a secretary for the former Allied Chemical Co. and the Area Office on Aging. Jane was preceded in death by her husband, Jack Jones; stepson, Jack Jones Jr.; brother, Robert Vought.
Surviving are her daughter, Jennifer (Jeff) Hood; stepsons, Jeffrey (Judy) Jones, James (Barbara) Jones; daughter in-law, Kathleen Jones; 11 grandchildren; 4 great-grandchildren.
The family will receive friends at the Bersticker-Scott Funeral Home, 3453 Heatherdowns Blvd. at Byrne Rd., Friday from 2-9 p.m. where services will be held Saturday at 11:00 a.m. Interment Ottawa Hills Memorial Park Cemetery. The family would like to thank the staff of Ridgewood Manor for their loving care shown to Jane. ~
from the Toledo Blade
10/8/2003 Grandma Jane you will be missed.  Love, Jeremy and Jenny  
10/7/2003 Baby Jones has been updated.
10/7/2003 Sign our Guestbook Please!!
10/6/2003 I just was reading that this will possibly be the last year for the Haunted Hydro. I was shocked. ~TheGerm
10/6/2003 We'll be camping this weekend at East Harbor. WooHoo!! ~The Germ
10/2/2003 Happy Anniversary to my Lovely Wife! I Love you!! ~Jeremy
10/2/2003 Happy Birthday to my Brother Chris! He turned 27 today.
10/1/2003 Our 4th Anniversary is tomorrow. It's also my brother Chris's Birthday. ~The Germ
9/30/2003 Here's on of the odd sites that I check out once in awhile. www.oddtodd.com 
9/30/2003 Currently working on getting a scanner hooked back up to my PC so I can scan some files. ~The Germ
9/30/2003 Send use your pictures, we'll post them in our pictures page. ~The Germ
9/28/2003 I'm in the process of making another cut of the Ultrasound video. ~The Germ
9/28/2003 Fish Fry at my Parents today! ~The Germ
9/27/2003 Our Ultra Sound Video has been posted in MudPaw Movies. ~The Germ
9/26/2003 Baby Jones has been Updated!
9/26/2003 Click here for the baby registry from USA Baby.
9/26/2003 Movie of the Month is updated.
9/25/2003 I still need to get the video posted so hang in there. ~The Germ
9/21/2003 I'll hopefully be posting a movie of the ultrasound tonight. ~The Germ
9/21/2003 We have more ultrasound pictures to post so hang in there. ~The Germ
9/20/2003 Baby Jones is Updated! ~The Germ
9/18/2003 We're having a 3D Ultra Sound Saturday. I'll post the new pictures. We might even have a movie to post on the site. ~The Germ
9/18/2003 Baby Jones has been updated!! ~The Germ
9/18/2003 Jenny's Family Reunion is this Saturday 9/20/2003. Hopefully we will have pictures. 
9/15/2003 Click Here baby registry from Babies R Us.
9/13/03 Coming Soon.....an all New look to TheGerm.Com. Stay Tuned. ~The Germ
9/11/03 We will never forget.
9/7/2003 Please stop in and use the Message Board and Guest Book. ~The Germ
9/3/2003 Wow we have had a lot of visitors in the last 3 days. Web traffic has nearly tripled. ~The Germ
9/2/2003 Don't forget to check out our new Message Board. ~The Germ
9/1/2003 Happy Birthday to our Niece Allie!!
8/31/2003 Baby Jones is updated! Pictures are Updated! Movie of the Month is updated! ~TheGerm
8/31/2003 We're back and we have a lot of new features. We have a new Message Board, a new guest book to call our own and lots more to come. ~TheGerm
8/29/2003 Well if your reading this we have successfully moved the site to the new server. Sorry if you have missed us. ~The Germ
8/11/2003 Had a good time at Cous a Palooza 2003. ~The Germ
8/11/2003 More pictures coming soon to our picture page.
8/6/2003 Happy Birthday Monica!! I forgot to put it on the site!!
8/8/2003 MudPaw has a few new movies added. They are not of us but they are funny!
8/7/2003 Website traffic is up!! I was surprised that a lot of people are stopping by every day to check out the site. Sign our guest book and let us know you stopped by. ~The Germ
8/7/2003 Cous a Palooza is this weekend!! We'll be camping.
8/5/2003 In the next week the site may go down for Maintenance. So hang in there! 
8/4/2003 Jenny has started her 2nd trimester. Woo Hoo!! ~The Germ
7/31/2003 Well I finally got the new ultrasound pictures up on the web. ~The Germ
7/28/2003 Put-in-Bay Camping Trip this weekend. ~The Germ
7/28/2003 New Pictures added to the picture page.
7/28/2003 Movie of the Month is Updated.
7/28/2003 Hopefully I'll be posting the new ultrasound pictures tonight. ~The Germ
7/24/2003 Congratulations Annie and Bryan!! They had a baby boy "Riley" 5lbs. 11oz. 19" long.
7/24/2003 Happy Birthday Carleigh!! She turned Six Today!!
7/24/2003 Baby Jones web page has been updated!!
7/24/2003 New Ultra sound pictures tonight!!
7/22/2003 We have new movies in MudPaw.
7/22/2003 Coming Soon a new movie from Mudpaw. ~The Germ
7/22/2003 Sign Our Guest Book!!
7/21/2003 We went to a Demolition Derby last night at a local fair. It was pretty cool. ~ Germ 
7/20/2003 Finally we have the mulch in and the front yard landscaping is done. ~The Germ
7/17/2003 Happy Birthday to my little Bro Josh!!!
7/16/2003 Pictures of the landscaping are up on the site to check out in the new picture section! ~The Germ
7/15/2003 Added more Pictures to the new picture page. ~The Germ
7/15/2003 Josh's Birthday is coming up soon on the 17th. ~The Germ
7/14/2003 We finally got some landscaping done on the house. Pictures Tomorrow! ~The Germ
7/10/2003 Happy Birthday to Jenny's Dad Jim!!
7/10/2003 New picture page in progress! I need Ideas and Pictures. ~The Germ
7/9/2003 Stay Tuned for more Updates!
7/7/2003 Well we're back. Camping was great, Kenny Chesney Concert was great except for the rain.  We forgot our camera to take pictures! ~The Germ
7/7/03 Movie of the Month is updated! We saw Charlies Angels Full Throttle.
7/4/2003 Happy Forth of July!! We're off camping for 5 days!! We'll have some pictures when we get back. ~The Germ
7/2/2003 Hopefully when we get back from camping I'll be able to post a new designed picture section and add some pictures of the house for all of you who haven't seen it! 
7/1/2003 The Ultra Sound Pictures are here (see above). The Doctor said that everything looks good and that Jenny can start seeing her regular OB.  ~The Germ
7/1/2003 Camping this weekend will be interesting. We're going to Michigan staying at a KOA then to see Kenny Chesney at Pine Knob. ~The Germ
7/1/2003 We have a Guest Book up and working. However it will only be temporary until I figure out why I can't use one in FrontPage. ~The Germ
6/30/03 We'll be going in today for another Ultrasound to see how the baby is doing today! Hopefully I will be able to post pictures tonight. ~The Germ
6/25/2003 Well here it is, the news you've been waiting for!! Jenny is pregnant and we will be expecting on Feb. 13 2004!! WooHoo!! Click here for Info! I have also added a link on the side to the page. ~The Germ
6/25/2003 Our Special Announcement will be tonight hopefully after 8:00PM. Well I must say that it's going to be pretty exciting. So stay tuned.
6/24/2003 Stay Tuned for a Special Announcement from TheGerm.Com
6/23/2003 We finally made it camping. We went to Salt Fork State Park. Lots of fun!
6/17/2003 Well I finally added video of Monica's Graduation. Click Here!
6/1/2003 Congrats Monica on Graduating from High School!
5/31/2003 We'll be out in our PopUp in the first week in July in Michigan for the Kenny Chesney Concert at Pine Knob.
5/30/2003 Started pulling the front end off of the Chevelle. Pictures tonight.
5/24/2003 Congrats to Chris and Melinda on getting Married. Pictures coming soon!
5/22/2003 My Brother Chris is getting married in 2 days. Pictures and Video soon to come.
5/11/2003 Happy Mother's Day!!!
5/8/2003 More Security Systems and DVD players on Ebay for auction.
5/7/2003 Mother's Day is coming up right around the corner. 
5/6/2003 Farwell to the old Silverado. Hello to the new one.
5/6/2003 Needless to say we didn't make it camping. Hopefully in 2 weeks.
5/1/2003 Jenny and I just bought New cars. I'll take pictures and post them.
4/26/2003 Going Camping the first weekend in May at East Harbor State Park.
4/18/2003 Happy Birthday Mom!!
4/15/2003 We got out the Popup camper tonight. Hopefully we'll be Camping soon.
4/8/2003 New Autions on Ebay. Security Systems, Cameras, Games, and Much More.
3/31/2003 We saw Bon Jovi at Gund Arena in Cleveland last night. Awesome Show!!
3/26/2003 We Support Our Troops!!
Coming Soon all Auction Items will start at $1.99 Again
03/7/2003 Tons of Stuff up on Ebay This Weekend and Next Week. Click here to see.
3/31/2003 We saw Bon Jovi at Gund Arena in Cleveland last night. Awesome Show!!
3/26/2003 We Support Our Troops!!
03/25/2003 Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03/17/2003 War in Iraq Started! Get the latest from CNN by clicking here.
03/7/2003 Well I got my Wisdom Teeth pulled yesterday. Ouch!!
03/7/2003 Tons of Stuff up on Ebay This Weekend and Next Week. Click here to see.
03/4/2003 We are having Server Problems so some parts of the site are not working.
02/23/2003 As you can see in the above picture of our backyard  we're snowed in. 
02/22/2003 Looks like we are going to be snowed in 8" expected tonight.

02/10/2003 Hopefully Tomorrow we will have a lot of auctions up to choose from.

02/06/2003 Tonight is going to be Mad Auction Night!!! Everything must go!!!

02/05/2003 Site Work is in Progress Viewers Beware!!

02/01/2003  Space Shuttle Columbia Lost, 7 Astronauts Died.........

01/24/2003 My Lovely Brides Birthday! Happy Birthday! Jenny Turned 28 Again!!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site.  Please feel free to email me at germ@thegerm.com with any questions. This site will be changing regularly until I get comfortable with the look so hang in there. Hopefully I will get some time next week to make over the site  -Jeremy